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Rod Bradbury
Rod has 16 years experience in radio news. He worked as both a reporter and newsreader for commercial and BBC stations. For the last 10 years he’s worked as an editor at a busy London radio station. He was the first journalist to interview former Prime Minister John Major after he called his last election. He’s carried out media training for a variety of organisations including the police and local authorities. He’s also worked for a wide variety of publications as a web based journalist.

Managing Director

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The Editorial Team

(in alphabetical order)

Natalie Osborne

Natalie has been involved in journalism and broadcasting for over 10 years. Natalie also writes for a number of web-based clients as well as local hospital magazines. Listed amongst her hobbies are square-rigger sailing and she has crewed in two international tall ships' races..... so far.

Technical Manager

Adam Leone - Technical Manager

Adam has been involved in a wide variety of communication mediums over the years. He’s a news broadcaster and journalist. He’s also a blogger and an SEO/social media expert. He’s a website designer and online strategist too. Adam’s claim to fame is that he once impersonated Tony Blair on Saturday morning television!

Liz Cragg

Liz has been in sales and marketing for 30 years. She’s written SEO friendly articles for a number of commercial websites. She’s a huge fan of foreign travel and lived in Africa for many years. She lists South Africa, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Europe and New York as some of her favourite places.  According to Liz, “the world is an exciting and enriching place with countless opportunities!”

Rob Pattenden

Rob is a freelance writer with a full-time career in public transport management. His interests range from transport to weight training and fitness, to politics and current events.  He's been published in national and local news media here in the UK and also internationally in an American movie magazine.

Gopal Virdee

Gopal is a qualified journalist with experience of working in radio, TV and online newsrooms as well as in post production. He has been involved in the media training of police officers in Leeds and army cadets in Catterick. His interests include entertainment, nutrition and current affairs.

Julie Davis

A degree in English literature and a passion for writing both poetry and prose, has meant Julie has a variety of writing assignments to her name. Her other main passion is acting in the theatre where she can be found on many an evening, treading the boards. A professional career in customer services has meant she has developed a variety of interviewing and training skills over the years, all of which contribute to her writing expertise.

Dog - “Nose for News”

....enough said !

Debbie Russ

Debbie Russ began as a child actor on TV but journalism has become her passion. She is a news broadcaster and journalist. Her voice has brought to life documentaries, charity events and travel programmes. In her spare time, she sings in a band and is learning Spanish.

Kate Gibson

Kate Gibson is a journalism graduate with experience in both tabloid newspapers and radio. She also has knowledge of direct marketing and PR and a keen interest in human rights.

Julian Perkins

Julian has worked widely in commercial radio and also as a voice over artist for many commercials and corporate films.