Pricing Examples

  (Giving a price before talking to the client is really hard as everyone has different requirements so here are some example prices.)

- Websites start from £350

          Template websites with a products page, blog and contacts page.

- Content marketing from £160/month (Minimum of 3 months)

         We provide highly optimised content for your website to attract search engines and in turn visits, clicks and sales.

- Set up Twitter feed and tweet once a day (5 days a week) from £99/month.

         We'll set you up with your own Twitter feed too.

- Our special 4-5 min corporate video from £599

         Filming, editing and uploading to You Tube or your choice of location. Includes filming at one location, up to a maximum of 5 hours at the location, a day editing, encoding and uploading. This is based on a `template format`. We'll film you talking to our reporter and then mix it with footage of you at work. For more `customised` videos, please give us a call. Includes voice over narration.