Blue Panda - targeted PR

PR is sometimes described as a black art. It can take years to learn and even then it takes patience and tenacity to get it right. As former news editors, reporters and broadcasters we know what it takes to design a campaign that works. The best bit is we can do it all for you.

We’ll meet you and discuss your needs, and then we’ll set our team to work.  That means you can get on with running your business while we handle the PR.

Perhaps you just want a simple campaign of stories or perhaps you want stunts.

PR has enormous benefits when it’s done right. As former journalists we understand the media because we were the people who decided which stories made it to air.

Editorial is trusted by consumers. It delivers powerful branding and marketing messages, and it costs a fraction of traditional advertising.

If you would like a no-commitment chat then please call 24/7 mobile 07985 208 941