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Daley gets a tatoo

Olympic bronze medallist Tom Daley has had a tattoo of the Olympic rings put on his upper arm.

It’s said to be as a constant reminder of his London 2012 success.

In any other situation, tatoos are considered bad by the adult orientated press and rebellious by the youth orientated press.

In this particular case it’s slightly different in that Tom Daley, and his team, have built a brand that leaves him almost “too pure” to criticise.

The point is, the more you understand the agenda of the media you are targetting, the more likely it is that a story will appear with the slant that you want to see.

So, ask yourself, what is your brand and what is the slant you are looking for? That answers the question of which media you need to target.

Has the Olympics made the nation happer?

According to some of today’s papers the Olympics have made Britian happier.

The figures are there to prove it. The headline sums it up. But, is all as it seems?

55% of people say the Olympics has made the country happier but with a simple bit of maths, you can see that 45% don’t agree with that. That’s an awful lot of people! However, it’s not the figures that will be left in people minds but the headline.

The simple fact is, many people simply don’t question what they read and would rather be told what is right or wrong, rather than having to work it out themselves.

Don’t take this as a dream ticket to deliver a marketing message though! It’s the headline writer and not you who determines the slant of the article. The same articles could have easily said, `a massive 45% of people think the Olympics has been a waste of money`.

What it does show is the imporance of a good relationship with journalists. Even hard nosed hacks can be reluctant to damage a relationship with a media contact who gives them good stories.

London 2012 – Please support it!….or not

Can the London 2012 Olympics be seen as a PR disaster because of the people behind it?

Despite the efforts of the PR department for the 2012 Olympic organisers, just a few days before the games start and the papers are dominated by negative coverage.

It could be a uniquely British thing, to complain about things but this isn’t just about the odd person being upset, there is clearly a widespread and large body of opinion that is sick of the games and they haven’t been won over.

Perhaps the problem is that the organisers of the games believe in it because they are sports fans, and just like P.E. teachers, they simply don’t understand people that don’t like sport.

Perhaps what they have also failed to do is to realise that athletics on it’s own doesn’t sell to a mass market. Just look at the empty stadiums at every sporting meeting throughout the rest of the year.

Perhaps what they should have done is not just expect the public to like it but to actually try and sell it.

The problem then is that instead of doing this, they have become defensive, accusing people of being anti-games and “moaners” instead of tackling the real concerns of some people.

The Olympics could be a fantastic PR success for London, but the handling of the message seems to be very poor.

Of course there is another possibility and that is that the organisers simply assume that the complaints will stop once the games get underway. Certainly many news organisations have now told their staff that the story now needs to be a positive one but will that last after the games? When the costs are worked out and the planning disputes gain publicity as they try to decide who gets what?

Of course it could be that by then the media and public are just worn out by all the Olympics stuff and the story just dies.

Unlike the Queen’s Jubilee Pageant, which has marketed, and will market London for decades to come, will the Olympics be a missed PR opportunity that disappears into the annuls of history as another very typical British event, where everyone complained, then smiled, then forgot about it?

Surely, in an era when the media is used everyday to promote low quality entertainment aound he world with shows like X-Factor, surely someone could have turned the global event that is the Olympics, into a PR success.

Olympics lanes will be suspended

The government has announced that they will suspend Olympic VIP lanes if London grinds to a halt.

Of course London is already at a virtual halt but by saying this the Olympics minister has taken ammunition away from the critics.

He’s demonstrated that the government are “listening” even though in reality the words are unlikely to lead to anything.

Spain gets more time

Eurozone Finance ministers have agreed Spain will get the first instalment of 30 billion euros from an agreed 100 billion to help its banks.

A meeting of ministers in Brussels last night also agreed to give Spain more time to bring its deficit under control.

Tories put pressure on PM

Conservative backbenchers have set out a “shopping list” of powers they want David Cameron to reclaim from the European Union.

The ‘Fresh Start’ report calls for the clawing back of key controls over justice, labour rules, energy, agriculture and defence.

The report’s also upped the pressure on the Prime Minister by insisting the renegotiated relationship be put to a referendum.

Spain gets an extra year

The European Commission is to give Spain an extra year to meet an agreed EU public deficit target.

The move’s expected to be approved by Eurozone ministers meeting in Brussels, extending the deadline until 2014 .

Olympic travel problems in Richmond

It’s interesting how the chaos and disruption caused by the Olympics is being explained to people living in areas that will be effected

In a usual week, events like this would be spun heavily by a PR department but there is a common perception that the Olympics is a valid excuse and therefore people are simply being told how bad it is, like it or lump it.

I wonder whether this perception is true amongst the population though or whether the attitude of organisers has in effect, passed over to residents.

The people writing the messages for broadcast believe it to be a valid reason and so instead of apologising, they say it with confidence. That confidence inevitably transfers to the recipient of the message.

Richmond says hundreds of car drivers will have to park out of town. They may have a long walk to their vehicles but the message broadcast by the council is that this is a price worth paying for the Olympics. They don’t say this, it’s just an assumption when you read their message.

So, when you deliver a message, the more conviction you can deliver it with, the better it will come across.

More money printed

An additional 50 billion pounds has been injected into the economy as the UK struggles to pull out of the double-dip recession.

The bank of England’s increased its quantitative easing programme to 375 billion pounds.

Which means its effectively printing more cash.

Meanwhile this lunchtime the base rate of interest has been held at its historic low of 0-point-5 per-cent.

Blue Panda PR supports Panda Awareness Week (PAW)

Panda Awareness Week

Panda Awareness Week

Panda Awareness Week

Panda Awareness Week

More than a 100 pandas (performers dressed in costumes) descended on London streets this week to promote the plight of the endangered species.

The pandas did some tai-chi in Trafalgar Square as part of the first ever Panda Awareness Week.